How To Recover From Storm Damage in Orange Beach Alabama

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August 20, 2022

Recovery- where, how, or what to do to even start the recovery process when your home or business suffers storm damage whether from a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, or a strong thunderstorm. After the storm, do not enter the area if the authorities have not communicated it is safe to return to the area. Once you can safely return to your home of business, there are four first steps on your road to recovery.

1.    Assess the Damage

Once you are given the clear to enter the area, it is time to access the damage. Bring your identification with you as sometimes it is required to enter a neighborhood or area of the city depending on the damage severity. Do not forget to bring any safety equipment, debris removal tools, water, flashlights, and a camera.

2.    Contact Your Insurance Company

After you assess the damage, contact your insurance provider to report the problem. Take any needed photos of the damage to send to your insurance company upon request. Your insurance company will direct you on your next steps of the claim process to begin the recovery.

3.    Protect Your Property from Additional Damage

Clean up any debris you can to allow safe access around the property. Check for any needed immediate repairs to prevent further damage. This may include but not be limited to boarding a broken window, securing a tarp on your roof as you are waiting for the larger repairs to be completed. Also, do not hesitate to hire a trusted professional if assistance is needed to secure your property and prevent further damage.


4.    Choose the Right Service Provider

Choosing a restoration service partner can remediate any unseen hazards like mold, and they will also work with your insurance company. A restoration service partner will guide you through the repairs and communicate with your insurance company to provide any additional documentation needed to resolve your insurance claim and get you back into your home of business asap.

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