No-No's of Mold Remediation in Gulf Shores Alabama

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August 15, 2022

Have you recently spotted mold in your home or business in Gulf Shores, Alabama? As a home or business owner, you may be tempted remove the mold yourself to save money.  Mold remediation is not always as simple as cleaning the visible area. There are three No-No’s of mold remediation to consider when deciding if one can remove the mold or if a trusted partner is needed to remediate the mold.

1.    Assuming All Mold Is Visible

Mold could spread quickly especially if your property suffered extensive water damage. Not all mold is visible and can spread quickly and even can spread to the inside of the walls. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends hiring an expert to remediate the mold if the area is larger than a bath towel.

2.    Using Ineffective Cleaning Solutions

A common no-no of cleaning mold affected areas is thinking bleach will be effective to kill the mold. Bleach does not kill all mold and not a preferred product to use on many surfaces. A trusted partner in mold remediation can help ensure the correct cleaning solutions are used and safe for your different surfaces to remove the mold effectively.

3.    Exposing Yourself to Hazards

Mold exposure no matter how large or small can have negative effects to your health. Not using the correct protective wear is a danger to your health even if you are not prone to allergies. Gloves, protective wear and an N95 respirator is needed to protect yourself while handling the moldy objects and cleaning the affected area. Inhaling the mold before or during the cleanup process can cause allergy like symptoms and even lung irritation.

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